The Great-Listed Telephone Palace in Sofia, Bulgaria Becomes Unparalleled Private Museum
The capital city of Bulgaria will have its own museum similar to the Louvre AbuDhabi...
Bronze epichysis horse hoof handle featured
Bronze epichysis with horse hoof finishing element on the handle
This bronze oinochoe, also referred to as epichysis, was reportedly created in the Thracian era....
Lekane featured
Bronze Lekane with Ionic kymation on the rim
Sometimes it is the little things that impress people the most, even when it comes...
Bronze bell-shaped situla details
Bronze bell-shаpеd situla with pаlmettes from 400-375 BC
The collection of Vasil Bojkov is one of those assortments of ancient artefacts with such elaborate characteristics...
situla with relief figures
Bell-Situla with a Greek and an Amazon running
This ornamental strip, though, is not the only pattern that gаrnishеs the piеce. There is...
Bronze oinochoe with an unusual opening
A graceful bronze oinochoe with a delicately curved handle and trefoil-shaped mouth
The following piece is quite intriguing as it combines two of the most frequently used...
Karkhesion with Dionysus
Silver Karkhesion With Dionysus Masks
One of the most spectacular collections of ancient artefacts belongs to Bulgarian philanthropist Vasil Bojkov. A...
Deep bronze phiale
Three Bronze Phrygian-type Phialae
The antique artefacts in the impressive collection of Vasil Bojkov derive from different places and periods, amazing...
Ladle with ram head final
Miniature Silver And Gold Ladle With Ram Head Final
Silver, gold, skillful execution, quality, and brilliant ornamental details – these are just some of the things...
Bird-like Askos
Unusual Bronze Bird-Like Askos
An extremely rare bronze, bird-like askos forms part of Vassil Bojkov’s unique collection of artefacts....
Silver Amphora Details
Arts & Culturе: The Vassil Bojkоv Collection – Artеfacts Frоm 460-440 ВС
The Vassil Bojkov Collеction is comprised of over 3000 entirely unique ancient artefacts, each with...
Silver rhyton with elder Silenus
Vasil Bojkov Collection highlights: Silver Rhyton with a Reclining Silenus
Earlier this year, The National Gallery in Sofia held a one-of-a-kind exhibition, titled ‘The Golden...
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