why vasil bojkov refused to build a thracian museum in new york
Why Did The Richest Man in Bulgaria Refuse to Build a Museum in New York?
Ancient treasures that have survived through to modern day, carry with them great historical meaning...
The Golden Fleece Exposition Vassil Bojkov
Why Vassil Bojkov Turned Down $300 000 000 Offer For His Thracian Collection
Bulgarian mogul Vassil Bojkov's historical collection has been on display to the public at several exhibitions in...
Silver Kantharos with Theseus
Unique Silver Kantharos Depicts Theseus In Crete | The Vasil Bojkov Collection
The Vasil Bojkov’s collection is brimming with history and meaning, so much so that it...
am head cup Vasil Bojkov collection
Vasil Bojkov’s Thracian Artefacts – Design, Purpose, and Connotations
There are numerous ways in which you can explore Vasil Bojkov’s totally unique collection of...
Mythological Stories And Significance
The significance of Vasil Bojkov’s impressive collection of Thracian artefacts
Objects capable of surviving thousands of years present us with the rare opportunity to view...
Thracian Culture Vasil Bojkov Collection
Ancient Thracian Exhibition – Exploring Cultural Heritage in Bulgaria and Greece
As the designated Year of Cultural Heritage, 2018 is a very poignant year. Exploring our...
Legends on Silver lecture
‘Legends On Silver’ Lectures Now Online
As 2018 is the European Year of Cultural Heritage, several intriguing cultural events have taken...
360 degrees gallery
History Brought Up To Date – 360 Thracian Exhibition
Advances in technology are constantly pushing the boundaries as to how we see and experience...
How to Dress Like a Billionaire
How to Look and Feel Like a Billionaire – Style Tips From Bojkov, Zuckerberg & Klatten
If you want to emulate the success of a billionaire, why not begin with learning...
How to become a billionaire like Vasil Bojkov
There are loads of articles on how to become a millionaire, but maybe it’s time...
What is Life Like for Bulgarias’ Wealthiest Man Vasil Bojkov?
Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you were a billionaire like...
kantharos golden fleece
Spotlight: Vasil Bojkov Collection
The Vasil Bojkov Collection is an amazing collection of over 3000 incredible artefacts and archaeological items that...
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