Metal Vases and Utensils
Metal Vases and Utensils in the Vasil Bojkov Collection, Vol. I – The Book Worth Collecting
“A book is much more than a delivery vehicle for its contents.” ― Allison Hoover...
Golden ivy wreath featured
Golden Ivy Wreath From Vassil Bojkov Collection Combines Symbolism, Fine Execution, And Craftsmanship
With over 3000 archaeological artefacts gathered since 2005, the Vassil Bojkov Collection is truly priceless...
Beautifully Decorated And Rare Plemechoae
Beautifully Decorated And Rare Plemechoae Is Part Of Vasil Bojkov Collection
The pottery of ancient Greece has a rich history and has gone through a continuous...
Spectacular Bronze Amphora With Silver Ivy Wreath
The Vasil Bojkov Collection is a spectacular assortment of over 4000 artefacts and archaeological findings...
Vasil Bojkov Collection: Theseus – A Recurring Hero on Ancient Pieces And in Greek Mythology
In the ancient Greek world, myths played a very significant role both in terms of...
Vasil Bojkov Collection Vessels
Vasil Bojkov Collection – Vessels from Anatolian, Phoenician, and Achamenid region
Vasil Bojkov Collection of antiques is undoubtedly among the world’s greatest assortments of historical, cultural,...
Goat Protome Rhyton
Thracian treasures: From simplicity to complexity
During the 6th – 4th century BC, a large area in Eastern and Southeastern Europe was inhabited by...
Silver Kantharos, Orpheus’ death, and the Abduction of Hellen by Vasil Bojkov Collection
Nothing speaks louder about the past than all the archeological findings, writings, and stories left behind...
Vassil Bozhkov
Vasil Bozhkov: A Businessman, Antique Collector and Patriot
About Vasil Bozhkov and his collection of Thracian artifacts Vasil Bozhkov is a man of...
Silver Horn Rhyton Ram Head
Vasil Bojkov Collection Presents: Silver Horn Rhyton with A Ram’s Head Final and The Ancient Language of Artistry
What we know about Thracians is that they haven’t created their own script, but in...
louvre abu dahbi vasil bojkov museum
Vasil Bojkov Plans To Build A New Museum In Sofia, Inspired By The Louvre Abu Dhabi
Vasil Bojkov is helping to bring a part of ancient history to life for the...
Silver Rhyton With Goat Protome Vasil Bojkov Collection
Vasil Bojkov Collection: Significance And Meaning Of Unique Silver Rhyton With Goat Protome
Every individual artefact in the Vassil Bojkov Collection has a unique story to tell. One particularly intriguing...
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