Do rich People live healthier lives than most of us?

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Rich people make better health related decisions than others, says a study done by author Tom Corley. Why is this so? Well according to the study it seems the greater one’s income, the lower one’s likelihood of disease and premature death. Corley spent five years studying the lifestyles and habits of the rich and writing about them.

To some extent, Money and income directly support better health because wealthier people can afford some resources that can protect and improve health. Apart from this, they make healthy choices that further improves the life expectancy and lowers the chance of getting a disease.

So how do rich people take care of their health?

One of the richest people in Eastern Europe is Vasil Bojkov, who is famous for his incredible collection of ancient Thracian artifacts, has adapted some healthy choices to stay fit but also bucks some of the common trends …

Say no to Alcohol

The study showed that most rich people abstain from alcohol. No matter how intriguing it may feel to go and grab few drinks. Bojkov has always refrained from drinking alcoholic beverages and conforms to this trend. Alcohol does bad things to your body. It interferes with your brain function and makes it harder for you to think clearly. Excessive use of alcohol may cause stretching of heart muscle, irregular heartbeat or high blood pressure.

Exercise Regularly

It doesn’t matter how busy the schedule is, always try to carve some spare time out for exercise. According to Corley 76% wealthy people carve out time of at least 30 minutes for aerobic exercise like jogging, cycling etc. This is a trend that Bojkov doesn’t conform to, he only participates in a spot of skiing for a few weeks a year.

Involvement in sports

Playing sports can bring positivity to life; it refreshes the mind and helps in building a positive and fresh attitude towards life. Involvement in sports can also boost your productivity at a daily scale. As previously mentioned, Vasil Bojkov loves Skiing and this is the only active sport he practices. His favoured location is the French Alps at Courchavelle and the slopes of Denver, Colorado.

Spend Time with like-minded or inspiring People

Spending time with like-minded and inspiring people can in turn inspire you to move forward. Imagine surrounded by highly energetic and inspiring people, In itself, is contagious and sooner or later your thinking will be affected by it too. Jim Rohn has said “”you are the average of 5 people with whom you spend most of your time”.

Get enough sleep

Getting a 8-10 hours of sleep a day is crucial for your body and brain. It is important to your creative thinking and memory function. In fact, you will perform best when you are well rested. In contrast Vasil Bojkov reportedly only needs 4 to 6 hours a night.

All these healthy choices can help you live a better life if incorporated successfully. These aren’t some tips which only wealthy people can follow. Everyone can follow these and can lead a healthy life.

However, households with low income suffer more health related problems compared to high-income households. The main reason is their struggle with community level health related factors:-

  1. Eating inappropriate amount of junk food:- Families with low income eat junk food more as it is cheaper than other demands from kids such as a new pair of nike shoes or a trip to Disneyland. According to a study poor family will often say yes to junk food to nourish their child emotionally.
  1. Limited access:- They have limited access to green space, facilities for regular exercise which may not present them an option to stay fit. Their environment may be less conducive for walking, cycling or shopping.
  1. Advertising:- Low-income and minority communities are more frequently targets for advertising of tobacco, alcohol, and high-calorie foods, often targeted to youth. This will often lead to an unhealthy habit of living life.

These are some of the reasons, which are greatly affecting the health of low-income household members. However, these are not something impossible to be taken care of.

By incorporating healthy habits, making healthy choice one can easily tackle the problem. It is not about being rich or poor; it is about how much someone is seriously thinking about his or her life.

About the author Iliyana Ivanova is a journalist and historian born in Bulgaria but currently based in London, UK. She has studied at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski and graduated from the Faculty of History with a BA in Archeology and MA in Ancient History and Thracian Studies. Throughout the years, Iliyana has organized various cultural and historical events back in Bulgaria with the idea to reveal little-known-information about the ancient world of Thrace. She continues her practice in the UK as well with the main goal to promote the history and ancient treasures of Bulgaria. Currently, her main focus is one of the most fascinating private collections of Thracian artefacts – that of the philanthropist and collector Vasil Bojkov. Her personal blog contains articles about the pieces owned by Vasil Bojkov, their meaning to her country and the world, his personal life, and all the deeds, charity events, and exhibitions initiated by him.

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